Isle of Sheppey darts league IOSDL

Playing record for Rose A 4'S. (Rose 'A') (Division 1)
Week Venue Leg Opposition Opponent Result Ton
4 Home 1 The Albion Arrows The Albion Arrows 4'S & The Albion Arrows 4'S. (Won)  
5 Away 1 Bay View Bay View 4'S & Bay View 4'S. (Won)  
7 Home 1 Highlanders 'X' Highlander X 4'S & Highlander X 4'S. (Lost)  
8 Away 1 Sewmc 'A' Sewmc A 4'S & Sewmc A 4'S. (Lost)  
9 Home 1 Harps Inn Harps Inn 4'S & Harps Inn 4'S. (Lost)  
10 Home 1 Neptune Sports Neptune 4'S & Neptune 4'S. (Lost)  
11 Away 1 Red Lion Red Lion 4'S & Red Lion 4'S. (Lost)  
12 Home 1 Sewmc 'C' Sewmc C 4'S & Sewmc C 4'S. (Lost)  
Singles: P0-W0-L0, Doubles: P8-W2-L6 W2-L6  

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